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GIF Story Transformed to Sound


At first using the GarageBand program was frustrating, but once I understood it, I really enjoyed this assignment. Telling the story out loud allowed me to express more emotion and annunciate certain words. It allowed me to showcase my speaking style and bubbly personality. Also when I said the story out loud I didn’t need to include as much detail, so I found myself shorting the story “script”. The pauses I made were actually in the same place where my GIFs were placed. For instance, when I said, “I began to PANIC”, I paused in order to make that statement stand out. When I was recording this story I didn’t look at the script. In the beginning when I looked at the script, I found myself making awkward pauses in my recording. I was taking advantage of the affordances of audio and it somewhat came naturally. For instance at the end when I said “and I killed it”, I naturally said it slowly to emphasize that I did well on the exam. In this recording I used a high-pitched voice throughout it to mirror my immature self as a freshman. Then at the end I used a low-pitched voice to show that I had conquered the stressful day I experienced.

Podcast Analysis: sounds bring imagination to life


With the use of different sound effects, sounds from other sources, and  different voice tones, the segment “The Conversation” from the episode of Own Worst Enemy is soundly engineered. Just like the short introduction of the segment summarizes, the creators of this segment significantly re-imagine and re-invent radio drama. Using all these different sounds allowed me to imagine the scenes that were occurring without having visual aid. Overall, because the segment was so soundly engineered, it made my experience listening to it very exciting.

In the beginning of the segment Ben is waiting in the restaurant for Erica. When the scene begins, Ben mentions that he is waiting for Erica but doesn’t say where he is waiting. Ben didn’t have to tell us where he was waiting because you could hear the background noise of people talking and someone asking “can I get you anything” which painted the picture of a restaurant. This part was very soundly engineered because the background noise was playing while Ben was talking but it wasn’t too loud to distract the listener from what Ben was saying. Later on, you hear Ben’s iPhone ring. This part was brilliant because instead of using a cheesy and old fashioned ring tone like “ring-ring”, the producers use the standard iPhone ring tone which many young people can recognize. Many young people today, especially here at U of I, have smart phones and they specifically have the iPhone. When young people hear this noise they automatically recognize that Ben has an iPhone and it is ringing. The ring tone was soundly engineered because it was loud and abrupt, just like most unexpected phone calls. When he answers the phone and steps out of the restaurant, you can hear the change in noise level and sound. Ben goes from being in a busy and loud restaurant to a quiet street where you can hear crickets and cars. This transition is represented brilliantly due to the placement of the sound effects.

Throughout the rest of the scene the producers use differences in tone  to bring the story to life. For example, Erica’s voice sounds muffled and static since we are viewing the story from Ben’s perspective and in Ben’s perspective he is talking to Erica on the phone. The reason why the producers made Erica’s voice sound muffled and static is because her voice is coming through the phone. Because of this, I felt like I was in Ben’s position and I was actually talking to Erica on the phone. Finally, when you compare how Ben thought he sounded to what he actually sounded you can see how tone makes a huge difference. Even though the words Ben actually says are not rude, the way he says them is rude. When he plays back the recording you can hear Ben’s attitude when he asks, “Do you know how lonnnng you’re going to be?” Ben emphasizes the word long and his voice is lower through out the whole sentence creating a negative vibe. Comparing what Ben thinks he sounds like to what he actually sounds like emphasizes the fact that tone makes a huge difference (this connects to how different fonts have different meanings too).

Different Fonts, Different Meanings


Assignment 1)

Here the word “mastered” is italicized because I was exaggerating the fact that I had mastered chemistry since I was still a Freshman at the time. The word “Not” is bolded and capitalized and and in all caps trying to show that I did not want to fall for the professors tricks at all!

Assignment 2)

1. This represents a late night club because the font is so bold and obnoxious.

2. This represents a nice restaurant because the font is fancy since it contains some curve factors.

3. By using the “curlz MT” it looks a little bit more childish. This represents a little girls clothing store comparable to “Limited too” or “Justice”

4. This font is simple but bold so I would use this for a young adults’ clothing store just like Forever 21.

5. This font gives a “hipster” type of vibe so I would use this font to represent a nice coffee shop that might have live acoustic guitar players late at night.

My Non-print Literacy Powers of Dr. Phil


So for this week’s homework we were assigned to think about a non-print literacy that one possesses. It took me a while to think of something… but I finally came to the conclusion that I have the ability to determine how situations will unravel.

You’re probably thinking that I’m psychic…but I’m not. I have experienced many unique events throughout my life, especially horrible dating experiences. Due to this non-print literacy  many of my friends jokingly call me “Dr. Phil”.


As I mentioned earlier I have experienced some interesting dating tragedies, but instead of letting them bring me down I just take note of the situation and try to inform other ladies that might experience the same situation. My non-literacy has developed through training….lots and lots of training.

My non-print literacy has helped countless of my friends avoid heartbreak and have aided them in fixing their relationship with their significant other. In one particular situation my friend Margaret ran to me for advice. She had been on a couple of dates with this fellow and she was totally into him. However he was not showing the same interest back. After receiving several rejections and being ignored via text (which is extremely annoying)…Margaret was about to call it quits.

Then as we both sat together and she explained the situation to me I was able to calm her down and think. Her tears of rejection began to disappear as I started to give her advice. I told her that she was trying too hard and needs to let things happen naturally. Forcing a relationship on someone makes them run away instead of stay. After giving her a play by play of what she should do to fix the situation, I also predicted that she would be going on a fourth date with her cute fellow.

And guess what…..

I was right. And now they are dating happily ever after.

GIF Anecdote-A Freshman’s Nightmare


When I first started college I was so excited. I was excited to be in a fun new atmosphere and meet new people. But by the time my first finals approached during my freshman year… I was just so exhausted. I never would have guessed how time consuming college classes were.


My first final was for Chemistry 102 with Professor Hummel…who is otherwise known as tricky Tom. His exams throughout the semester always made me cringe, and the thought of a cumulative final was frightening.

After spending several days studying at the UGL, I actually felt quite confident. I was ready to show tricky Tom that I had mastered the concepts of general Chemistry and that his tricks would not fool me. Besides how bad can finals week be?

 I was completely wrong. An hour before the exam approached I decided to eat lunch while looking over my notes for one last time at the dining hall. As I walked up to my room to grab the essentials (I-Card, #2 pencil, and calculator) and change out of my pajamas and pink fuzzy slippers, I noticed that the door to my dorm room was locked and I didn’t have my keys……I was locked out of my dorm. Before panicking I called my roommate…but she was not answering. Then I began to panic!

I didn’t have anything. No pencil. No calculator. No I-Card…and to make matters worse I was still dressed like I was in bed. I didn’t know what to do. I was so desperate and started to knock on a random person’s door and asked to borrow a pencil from them. Then I went to someone else’s door and asked to borrow their calculator… I even asked someone if I could borrow their shoes. With only 10 minutes before my exam started, I sprinted to Noyes.

I looked completely ridiculous , but I didn’t care..I just wanted to get to my exam on time, and I DID. I walked into the room, found the last seat that was available, and grabbed the exam from the TA and was ready to attack…….

3 hours passed and I finally completed my exam and stepped out of the exam room feeling relieved. I had finished my chemistry 102 final and I was happy that this nightmare was finally over!!